Create a corporate site with Perl

If you want to create a corporate site in Perl, you can also create it using Giblog. This is convenient when you want to easily create a company site or manage it easily.

Create a website with Perl

Creating a Website with Perl provides a detailed explanation of how to create a blog and website using a static HTML configuration tool from the basics.

On the corporate site, you will create product and service introductions, company profiles, employee profiles, inquiry forms, access, etc.

  • Introduction of products and services
  • Company profile
  • Greetings from the President
  • Employee profile
  • Inquiry Form
  • Access
  • Top page
  • Logo creation
  • Common header / footer
  • Create menu bar
  • Add content
  • JavaScript can be used

We will also introduce a sample of the pages required on the corporate site in the future.