Let's get started with Giblog

Giblog is a tool for creating websites and blogs that can be managed with git. In Japan, it is also called CMS. Managing websites created with Giblog with Git makes it easier to manage multiple websites.

12 Reasons to Use Giblog for Website Creation

Environment construction

Even if you don't know Perl at all, you can create a website or blog just by following the steps. If you want to change or add features to your site, you can freely customize it using Perl, the programming language. For those who don't know the program, Perl samples are copied and pasted as much as possible. It is a short procedure of about 30 minutes.

Publishing website

Publish your website using Github Pages or a rental server.

Domain acquisition

Take your own domain to access the website.

  • Get a domain


< td> None
Service Price Site limit Capacity Access limit Publishing method th> CGI Free SSL
Github Pages Free 1 site
1 User
1G 100,000 / month git Impossible
Sakura Rental Server
Monthly 515 yen None 100G None git / FTP Possible
Sakura Rental Server
Monthly 129 yen None None FTP Possible

For full-scale operation such as free Github Pages, multiple site installation, large capacity, etc., we recommend "Sakura Rental Server Standard".

Creating content

Website design

Modify the website

Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS

Modification using Perl

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Giblog