Giblog 2.0 release

Giblog 2.0 has been released.

Add serve command

A serve command has been added. Serve the website.

giblog serve

This is an alias for the following command:

morbo -w giblog.conf -w lib -w templates

Add publish command

The publish command has been added. Publish your website.

giblog publish origin main

This is an alias for the following command: "YY-mm-dd HH: MM: SS" is the current time.

git -C public add --all
git -C public commit -m "Published by Giblog at YY-mm-dd HH: MM: SS"
git -C public push origin main

If you create a new site, initialize it with Git

For websites generated by "giblog new", "giblog new_website", and "giblog new_blog", the directory and the public directory of that directory are now initialized by git.

git --init mysite
git --init mysite / public

Improved site design

The design of the website generated by "giblog new", "giblog new_website" and "giblog new_blog" has been fine-tuned.

Output only updated public files

Only updated public files are now output. If the contents are the same, the time stamp will not be updated.

Incompatible changes

Dependence on Mojolicious 9.19+

Depends on Mojolicious 9.19 and above. This requires Perl 5.16+.

Dependence on Git 1.8.5+

It became a dependency on Git 1.8.5+.