Fast rebuild of Giblog. Reconstruction can be automated.

Rebuilding Giblog is fast. Giblog is a CMS that generates static HTML, but rebuilding that HTML is fast enough to avoid stress.

Fast rebuild of Giblog 645 pages in 0.78 seconds

Rebuilding can be done with the "giblog build" command.

giblog build

Generate an HTML file for publication in the "public" directory from the resource files in the "templates" directory.

In a standard Linux environment benchmark, we were able to build 645 pages in 0.78 seconds .

Rebuilding is stress-free and comfortable to complete in less than a second.

Why Giblog rebuilds so fast

Why is Giblog rebuilding so fast? There are several possible reasons.

Functions are narrowed down to the minimum necessary

In Giblog, while introducing advanced SEO measures, smartphone support, the page We have minimized the functionality required to generate.

We do not perform complicated analysis that would be a performance bottleneck, and provide only the minimum functions required for websites that disseminate information.

Perl HTML generation

The programming language Perl is used to generate HTML for Giblog.

Perl is optimized for descriptiveness and performance for text processing, so text output like HTML is fast.

Automation of reconstruction

Giblog provides the ability to automate rebuilds when a web framework called Mojolicious is installed.

When you start the web server in the local environment with the following command, the modification of the file is detected and the website is automatically rebuilt.


In other words, if you start the web server in the local environment to check the site without manually executing the rebuild command, the rebuild will be performed automatically.

There is no need to worry about the trouble of rebuilding or the omission of rebuilding.